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Great source of B vitamins

This is a great source of B vitamins, having B12, B6 and Folic Acid at well over the Daily Value percentage. Chromium is also at 125% of the Daily Value. Those ingredients alone make it a good supplement, with the addition of a few others intensifying the value of it.

It is a bit sour, if you like sour things you will love this. It is taking me a bit to get used to, I can't help but grimace with a sour face when I take it. You are supposed to take it on an empty stomach and hold it under your tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing it.

I'm not quite sure what that does but it seems things do get into the system quicker if placed under the tongue so perhaps that is the reasoning behind it. It seems to be good quality as it's made in the USA of natural ingredients.

While I do not love the sour taste, I actually prefer that to using a product that has sugar in it and this has no sugar added to it. Overall seems to be a great product!

Big dose of B vitamins

This has an intense sour orange flavor. I'm glad to see sugar was left out, but the intensity of flavor may not be for everyone. Then again, this is vitamins not a milkshake. A serving of 2/3 of a dropper gives a whopping 16,677% DV of B12, 100% DV of B6, 100% DV of Folic Acid, and 125% DV of Chromium.


This supplement has great methylated B vitamins, chromium, choline inositol and TMG. It promotes liver/gallbladder function, lipid metabolism and cell regeneration. It is liquid, easy to absorb and swallow, and has a decent flavor. The B vitamins are expensive and this is a good value as well. I’m pleased with the product and looking forward to seeing the results.

Weird taste but easy to take

This lipotropic complex gives me a boost of quick energy due to the B vitamins in the formula. It has an odd taste, kind of grapefruit with a weird aftertaste. It is not unpalatable, but I find the aftertaste lingers. I have to rinse my mouth with mouthwash to get the taste to mostly go away. I like that it is naturally colored and flavored.

It comes in an amber glass bottle with glass dropper. You take two dropper bulb squeezes, which each fill the tube 1/3 full. It is easy to take and does not cause me any stomach or gastrointestinal upset. I don't care for the flavor, but will continue to use due to its purported benefits of gallbladder and liver support and 'lipid mobilization, utilization and elimination.' I haven't noticed any weight loss yet, and I still experience bloating, but I have only been using it for a few days. If I experience weight loss, I will update my review.

I did my research.

This product contains the necessary ingredients to curb menopause symptoms.
The bonus is it is a foam that can be applied to different areas of the body.
You can apply it up to twice daily.
The absorption rate will depend upon the user.
Personal note: The foam did seem to dry my skin.

So far, so nice

I have been adding this cream here and there with my progesterone cream at night and I’ve been enjoying it. I feel like keeping up with your hormones makes so much difference with how you look and feel. And sleep! Estriol seems to be a safe and beneficial ingredient but do your own research of course. I have not experienced any skin irritation from using this product. If you think estriol might benefit you, this is definitely a supplement worth checking out!

Soothing lotion

There is nice light smell after the use. I do feel tingling after using but it suppresses the hot flashes, not completely but it did work. Highly recommend it

Can’t wait to try!

Can’t wait to try!

Easy to Use Pump Pack. Not a General-Purpose Moisturizer.

This is an easy-to-use pump pack moisturizing lotion for women who need estriol. It works through absorption. The cream is a little greasy when first applied, but it does absorb well, and make the skin feel moisturized. There is no scent, in fact it smells a little like synthetic moisturizing cream.

Healthcare providers sometimes prescribe laboratory-made estriol as part of hormone therapy to ease menopause symptoms. This is not a general-purpose moisturizer. Men should not take additional estriol (a type of estrogen) lest there be side effects.

Hoping it works

Since I am in menopausal hell, I am hoping this works, especially for hot flashes. It is a creak that you rub onto your wrists. It absorbs fast. So far, no results but I will keep trying it.


Purchased this for my mom. She is happy with it so far. Early to say more but I will make sure to update it later on.

So far so good

Haven’t noticed a huge difference but then again I just started using this. Smells nice, it’s not overly pungent, smooths into skin easily, and it’s kind to my sensitive skin.

Great for menopause symptoms

Works as it should.

It works

Good product. 👍

So far so good

I've been suffering from hot flashes and night sweats for over a year now and it is getting old. It's especially bad in the late spring / summertime where I live because it's over 100 degrees F for several months. I started using this cream and have noticed that they're not as bad after using it just a few times. If it continues to work, the price (a little over $16 at my time of ordering) is definitely worth it considering I'm not a candidate for hormone replacement therapy and insurance doesn't cover this. If I think about it, I'll update my review after using it for awhile.

Helpful. Very moisturizing. Trusted brand and love this product. I can recommend.

Mom here who is in their mid 40s and need of some help sleeping and with mood swings. I found this helps lessen the effects of aging for me. Very moisturizing, not greasy, and smells fine. Use in limited amount but love it and highly recommend.

Helps with hot flashes

This was my first time using this cream and I can tell a difference when I start having hot flashes, this helps take the edge off, and I feel so much better.

It helps to cool the skin, and it absorbs really well. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or oily like some do and it has a nice pleasant scent that’s not too strong or overpowering. I’ve been using this since I got it and keep it with me at all times, lol. I get really, really hot sometimes, and this is the only thing that’s helped me so far. I will be buying more. Would Recommend!!


I'd say it's taken a little over a week to notice a difference using this cream. I really didn't want to resort to prescription hormonal solutions as my "problems" aren't consistent and hoped this could provide some relief from issues such as the night sweating.

This is helping quite a bit, enough that I may try the 5. version for times my symptoms are more severe.

I've been using it primarily on my inner thighs, inner arms, and my neck. It's lightweight and isn't greasy, pretty much disappears into my skin. The scent is super light and pleasant, it doesn't linger. I can still use my regular lotions elsewhere without any conflicting scents.

The price seems reasonable for the amount of product and the results.

Hormone balancing

Great product for hormone balancing especially during Peri menopause or menopause. Start with a small amount and build up to figure out the dosage that’s right for you.

I think it’s helping

Destroyer cream is lightweight, smells good and absorbs quickly. it does not leave my hands feeling greasy afterwards. I am putting it under my arms and behind my knees to try and get some relief from these horrible hot flashes. I really think it’s helping me but I’m not sure. Either way it moisturizes my skin and if it continues to help me I will be a very happy, non-sweaty woman of a certain age.

Smaller than it looks

Arrives in a bottle that resembles under arm deodorant .. but bigger. Pretty purple label.

Protective plastic covers most of the bottle and lid.

Manufactured in the USA

Once the lid is off, you can see the pump applicator ... lid is quite tall, so only about half of the size is bottle for the lotion

Label is squeaky ... ugh. I don't like squeaky labels. Shivers up my spine.

It took a while to get the pump going, finally tipped it over ... interesting.

very nice cream, unsure about results

I'm not sure if they are helping with the nighttime issues, but I definitly feel more energy during the day. Whether it's from this cream, I can't say. I do feel like I'm a bit hormonal and cry at the silliest things lately- that may be an effect from this cream. Also, I have been using a tiny bit as an additional face cream at night, and my daughter said my skin looked really nice lately. So, if nothing else, that is a good reason to keep using it. It feels really nice on my skin, and my face feels really dewy in the morning, so I'm loving that. It smells lovely too!

absorbs well

I love this cream, it's easy to apply and not greasy. The skin absorbs well.

Taste great in coffee

Hemp oil has many benefits and I find the best way to consume is to add a dropper to my coffee every morning. It helped start my day and made me less stressed. Good product and you get 3 bottles with this order.

You get a lot for your money!

I've only been using this product for a brief time, but I'm rather liking it thus far. Seems to be made from high-quality ingredients and arrived properly sealed. The label is clear and concise. You also get a lot for your money...I feel this will last a long time. The dropper makes dosing very simple, too. It will be interesting to track results over time. So far, no issues. Highly recommended.