Vitamin D3 with K2 10,000 IU Cream

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ANUMED ONLY DELIVER THE MOST POWERFUL NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Our Products are 100% Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, No Sugar Added, and Made In the USA.

Size: 1.8oz ( 50g )

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Vitamin D3 with K2 10000 IU Cream + Magnesium + Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin E for Beauty & Healthy Skin. Promotes Stronger Bones, Muscles, Joints. Maximum Calcium Absorption, 1.8oz (50g) Travel Size 

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful Combination - Great Scent

I will start out by saying that I have chemical sensitivities and I can't stand fragrances or scents in anything. However this smells so good and it does not bother my sensitivities one bit. I love the combination of supplements in here. I hope they do absorb well. I don't know that I'd be able to tell but I have no issues and like the idea of getting my D3 like this, as well as more magnesium and zinc. This is so well priced for having so many supplements. I am very happy with this and hope to continue using it.

Wonderful cream

This cream is dispensed just a dollop at a time - and that’s enough to do your arms and hands. Can’t get quite used to the fact that it allows vitamin D among other things to be absorbed, so it may be appropriate to stop taking my daily D3 pill. The vitamin K inclusion may affect my blood thinner, so I’ll be checking these things in the weeks head. I love the cream, it absorbs and leaves very soft, moisturized skin. I wish there were more instructions with it, as I’d like to use it on my face.

Good for Skin Conditions

This vitamin D cream goes on smoothly and is a non-greasy option for providing moisture. I've used it on my face and on my elbows. Vitamin D increases calcium levels in the body. Pairing the D3 with K2 helps the body use this calcium for strengthening bones and teeth.

The Hyaluronic Acid helps the skin hold on to moisture and the Vitamin E can help reduce inflammation, making the skin look younger. Pairing all of these together in a light non-greasy formula is beneficial whether for reducing the effects or psoriasis or just to improve skin appearance.

Bichon Mom
A really good moisturizer for itchy dry skin

ANUMED Vitamin D3 with K2 10000 IU Cream + Magnesium + Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin E for Beauty & Healthy Skin is made in the USA and cruelty free. It comes in a well sealed pump bottle that is easy to use.

I have been using the AnuMed Vitamin D3 with K2 50,000 IU Maximum Strength cream when my skin is especially problematic due to allergies, etc. It works so well with this combination of topical vitamins and minerals. I got this 10,000 IU cream to use when my skin problems are not as intense. It is very effective at keeping skin healthy.

ANUMED Vitamin D3 with K2 10000 IU Cream + Magnesium + Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin E does not irritate sensitive skin. It is a very soothing and helps to alleviate the discomfort of dry and itchy skin.

Bonus with the K2 for increased absorption

This has a medicinal smell about it and is pretty fragrant, which doesn’t bother me but I think it would bother most people. It soaks in quickly, but the scent remains. It applies white and dries clear. The dispenser is easy to pump, just like any other lotion, but reminds me of a face cream dispenser. I haven’t yet tested my levels after using this product, so I don’t know the effectiveness, but it is a nice lotion to apply to the skin at night.

I recently had my blood tested prior to using this and I was low in vitamin D. Needless to say, I researched different ways to increase vitamin D, that doesn’t include the sun because I have melasma on my face. I now eat cage free eggs (4x the vitamin d), go out in the sun for only 5 minutes without sunscreen daily, take a dissolvable tablet, and apply this nightly. I’m going to get my levels checked again, and continue all methods until my vitamin D levels are high. K2 has an added benefit to increase absorption rates, so I’m very excited to see how this works.