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ANUMED ONLY DELIVER THE MOST POWERFUL NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Our Products are 100% Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, No Sugar Added, and Made In the USA.

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All Natural Bioidentical Progesterone Cream 2.5mg Per Pump + Hyaluronic Acid for Beautiful Skin Care During Menopause Relief. Balancing Cream for Mood Swings, Night Flashes, Night Sweat 


Progesterone Cream 

Progesterone and estrogen are two compounds produced in women by their ovaries. Progesterone is one of the most important female sex compounds that are produced after ovulation that helps balance the effects of estrogen in the body. Moreover, estrogen and progesterone are two hormones that have a major influence on a woman’s life. A female body must have balanced hormones if they want to spend a healthy life.

Although progesterone can be found in the market as a cream or pills, it is highly recommended to use progesterone creams instead. This is because it provides the convenience of easy application to the body and will not burden the liver by the intake and processing of pills.

What is the purpose of progesterone?

Progesterone hormone stimulates and regulates several functions in the woman’s body and helps in maintaining pregnancy. Each month female has a menstrual cycle – female sex hormones prepare the body for pregnancy, but if there is no fertilization, then there is normal (bleeding) menstruation.

It is produced after ovulation (there are 3 phases of the menstrual cycle: Follicular, Ovulatory, and Luteal) whereas a typical cycle consists of 28 days. It can be shorter or longer and can be of 24 to 35 days, which is normal.

What is the Main Function of Progesterone?

It is produced after ovulation (Second phase of the cycle). Every month the pituitary gland in the brain generates hormones called follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). It causes a new egg to mature and released from its ovarian follicle each month and produce estrogen and progesterone. Progesterone helps the endometrium to secrete special proteins during the 2nd half of the menstrual cycle so it can nourish the implanted fertilized egg but if it does not happen then progesterone (as well as estrogen) level decreases causing the endometrium to break and then menstruation (bleeding) occurs.

High and low level of progesterone levels can be responsible for different symptoms in a female body. If you miss a period, it can be due to the low level of progesterone because of no ovulation, and if there is high progesterone level, then it can cause premenstrual syndrome (PMS) where you have severe mood swings, bloated feeling, cramps, etc.

Progesterone Creams & Pills

Progesterone creams and pills are used for hormone balancing, PTSD, ADHD, menopausal health and other treatments. Menstrual creams are usually best since when you rub them on the skin it reaches the tissues whereas when you take a pill it is mostly delivered to the liver (which is not recommended) because it depends on the individual how his/her biochemistry works in addition to how much progesterone will be delivered to the tissues.

It is recommended to use progesterone cream 20-40mg/day.

Progesterone cream helps pre-menopausal women to take advantage of it, and it is a useful hormone balancing tool. Women suffer from physical and emotional symptoms which are often called PMS. 75% of women suffer from PMS, and approximately 3 to 8 percent face severe PMS symptoms premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)––a severe form of PMS.

Most common symptoms of PMS are:

  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Water retention
  • Bloating
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite changes
  • Breast tenderness
  • Sleep disturbance

You can apply progesterone cream approximately 14 days before menstruation starts because PMS symptoms diminish when your period (bleeding) begins. It is not recommended to use cream during the period because your progesterone level starts rising to normal levels when your period starts.

Creams have the edge over all the other available forms of progesterone. The progesterone cream is absorbed well and has been found to be as effective as injections and to enter circulation immediately. No method or applicator is needed to apply the cream; there is no discomfort in keep using it as in some delivery systems, in fact, it often relieves the problem instantly.

A progesterone cream can be applied anywhere on the body; it does not have to be applied to the sensitive areas only. The skin comprises 96% keratinocytes, which have a plentiful amount of receptor sites.

5 Benefits of Natural Progesterone Cream with ISO99:

  1. Relieves Menopause Symptoms

Although menopause is an inevitable biological process, its arrival can often bring about undesirable side effects, including: hot flashes, insomnia, and mood swings. Application of progesterone cream has been demonstrated to significantly reduce menopausal symptoms; therefore, the cream can be considered one of the natural treatments for menopause. It also appears to promote bone density, another concern for women as they age.

  1. Boosts Fertility

By using progesterone cream externally, a woman can naturally balance her progesterone and estrogen levels to achieve a perfect ratio for conception — thus it acts as a natural infertility remedy. Progesterone cream can also be very useful in preventing miscarriage.

  1. Treats Fibroid Tumors

Fibroids are usually caused by high levels of estrogen and decreased levels of progesterone due to obesity, perimenopause, hypothyroidism, or low-fiber diets.

Progesterone cream may serve as a natural fibroid treatment and offer pain relief by restricting the influence of estrogen enough to contract the fibroids and ease symptoms. However, there have been reported instances where uterine fibroids have not responded ideally to progesterone therapy.

  1. Helps Endometriosis

No one is sure of the precise cause of endometriosis, but some contributing determinants include genetics, hormonal imbalances or a disease of the uterine tissue that begins at birth. The contributing hormonal imbalance often includes low progesterone levels, which can be recovered by the application of progesterone cream, which thus serves as one of the natural medications for endometriosis. By restoring proper progesterone levels, you can improve healthy growth and shedding of the endometrium.

  1. Balance Hormones and Relieve PMS Symptoms

Common premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms include fatigue, skin issues, bloating, emotional changes, breast tenderness and cramps. Hormonal imbalance primarily causes these undesired symptoms of PMS each month. For women who need PMS natural remedies, please know that treatment with progesterone may restore a deficiency, balance menstrual hormone levels or diminish effects of falling progesterone levels on the brain or electrolytes in the blood. Plus the new formulation with Cannabinoids (ISO99) can help reduce pain, inflammation and anxiety.
Also can help improve any emotional or mood disorders.

6. Relieves Inflammation

ISO99 can be anti-inflammatory and help with pain relief.

Above article is for educational purposes only.

Suggested Use:

One full pump dispenses 25mg of natural progesterone, apply one pump to desired area. Rotate area application each time between face, hand, chest, inner arms, and thighs.

Menstruating Women: Apply once a day beginning 12 days after the beginning of the period through the 27th day of your cycle or as recommended by your physician.

Menopausal and Post-Menopausal Women: Apply once a day for 25 consecutive days followed by a 5-day break or as recommended by your physician.


If you are pregnant, nursing, or intending to become pregnant, consult with a healthcare professional before using this product. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. For external use only.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Brandi Reed
Lovely scent - bonus!

Most effective cream for my symptoms.

Lauranne Cilpa
Good price

Arrived quickly and had a good price. Haven’t used yet. So review could change.

best on the market

From reading multiple books on hormones and doing research online, I realized that just about every woman is deficient in progesterone. I've had fibrocystic breasts, bloating and mood swings before periods all my life since 13 years old. By the age of 46, it prolonged from a couple days to 10 days a month. The bloating was so severe that I look like am 6 months pregnant (especially obvious since I am tall and skinny:). I couldn't even use my abs while lifting weight at work (impossible to tighten muscles through bloating), which caused me to pulled my back. I don't believe this could be corrected through diet, since I've been eating healthy all my life! Supplements definitely help most of those symptoms (except bloating), but did not completely eliminate them (all GLAs - evening primrose oil, black currant seed oil, borage oil, also dong quai, chasteberry, blessed thistle, st john't wort - 10 days before period). I started applying progesterone cream 2 weeks before my period (or day 14-28 of my cycle). I apply it before sleep on my both breasts, since this is the most painful area. It dramatically decreased pain and fibrous cysts in my breast, pretty much eliminated this problem. Amazingly, it also eliminated my bloating problem, and nothing helped this before! I do have hard time adjusting the dosage though. If I apply too little - I still have symptoms, if I apply too much - I get headache, brain fog and fatigue in the morning. The pump is not accurate since every time I press it different amount comes out. I don't even know what "full pump" means. I just try to eyeball how much I use, lately it seems that half inch amount works for me. I highly recommend this cream to anybody who has fibrous breast, bloating and mood problems before periods (at any age), you just have to play with dosages to adjust it to what is right dose for you.

Made me feel like a 16 year old girl in heat again!

I love progesterone creams, they do as the subject line says ♥ Price on this is a bit more than I'd like for the amount and dosage, but still well worth it! Adds that "spark of life" back into my life. Not just my bedroom, bu totally also there, but just generally every aspect of life I feel more Me, more how I want to feel. Do recommend!

Ajram Rabi
Love it

So far I am really happy with this AnuMed - All Natural Bioidentical Progesterone Cream 25mg Per Pump + Hyaluronic Acid for Beautiful Skin Care During Menopause Relief. Balancing Cream for Mood Swings, Night Flashes, Night Sweat (3oz) I have to say it’s really has made a difference! I love that the cream has virtually no sense it’s very mellow, and light. It’s a very creamy cream it’s not greasy at all and absorbs quickly. So far I’m loving it and I’ve had no negative reactions to it!